Here at TCBOOST Sports Performance, we wrapped up our latest Transformation Challenge right before Thanksgiving. The challenges are always setup with the idea that for 8 weeks if we focus on a specific fitness goal that is realistic, we should achieve it. Goals this year were meant to be more than “lose 10lbs.” sbblogI challenged myself to gain back 1” on my vertical jump and to see my abs. I ended up getting 2 inches higher on my vertical jump and the abs were closer, but there still is work to be done.

We tested max pushups and pull-ups at the beginning and end. (Pullup variations included bands to aid.) A couple standout changes were Paul K. improving his pushup score from 17 to 35 and his pullup from 2 bands for 10 to 1 band for 11, Stacy F. improved pushups from 18 to 30, Peter H.’s pushups from 23 to 36, 7 others hit the 40 total including 4 people hitting 50 or more.

Each week there were nutritional challenges and advice for the participants. The Myfitnesspal app was strongly encouraged as a food diary tool. Nutritional principles from Precision Nutrition and Renaissance Diet were shared including the idea of the pyramid of importance and order. Regarding nutrition, total calorie consumption is most important to get control of, then breakdown of protein, carbs, fats and works its way to the least important which is supplements.

At the conclusion of the challenge we reflected about the previous 8 weeks. The answers varied. Did I work out with purpose and effort? Yes. Everyone that came in and trained, Got After It! Did I take time to plan out my nutrition? Very quiet, not really? Did I hold my self accountable to my goal? Workouts yes, but not always eating. Did I reach my goal or is there still work to do? Most answered still some work. It’s essential to take the time each week and plan nutrition. When hunger strikes in the moment, it extremely tough to make a great choice. Schedules are very busy between work, kids, holidays etc., but at the end of an 8-week challenge I hate having the thought, “Man, if I just would have spent a little time here or there planning, I wonder what I could look like right now.”

From the results of our fitness testing, every person coming through TCBOOST Sports Performance’s doors gave great effort and pushed themselves further than they thought they could. The 23 other hours each day is where the difference can be made, because I believe each client is training hard enough to look however they want! Here’s a Precision Nutrition blog about clients success and their tips! 35 Ways to Transform Your Body

Keep training Hard and Eating Right! Get BOOSTED!