Shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss allow viewers to see what can be done with hard work and dedication. Many of us have been a part of weight loss competitions at work, with family and friends, maybe even tried a video series or book challenge. TCBOOST will be hosting its first 8-week body transformation challenge starting September 22nd.  With the start around the corner, here are 4 reasons why joining a weight loss challenge is a great idea.

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1. There is an END

Starting a health change is daunting, but by setting a goal for the next 8 weeks (only 2 months) it becomes easier to make a change. This does not mean after that period to go back to old bad habits however! It’s just easier to start when the finish is in sight.

2. Motivation

Besides the health benefits, most challenges offer prizes for winners. Would $100 help motivate you to workout? How about T-shirts, sweatshirts, gift card, or punishing your trainer if you perform well? Joining with a coworker, friend, or family member can also heat that competitive fire up. Compete not only about pounds lost, but also about healthiest food journal, most steps taken, least time spent watching TV, etc. Keep that motivation up through the end.

 3. Accountability

By joining the challenge you are publicly saying I want to make a change and the trainers and fellow challenge members are there to help. Progress is tracked weekly to celebrate success and have support during times of struggle. When choices have to be made about eating this or that or hitting snooze instead of training, think about that upcoming weigh in and decide if it’s really worth it.

 4. Fun

Competing is fun and in our group classes everyone has fun. The energy of a full class is intoxicating. People are sweating, weights are moving, and people are doing things they didn’t know they could do. Now add in the bonus of a competition and rewards! Working out can be hard, but if what you’re currently doing isn’t fun try something new.


Through our adult fitness program BOOSTFit, class members have been improving their flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Now with an intense focus on the next 8 weeks lets see what kind of transformations can happen.

Call (847) 559-2307 or email to sign up today.  Visit for more info.