Training Tip from the Mood!
Slow the Tempo to Speed Up the GainsAdult fitness class weight liftingWhether at home or on vacation, having heavy enough weights to use during a workout can be challenging. The next time there are only light dumbbells and your bodyweight available try a Tempo workout.

For every exercise slow down the eccentric or lowering part of the movement for a 4 second count pause and return to the top.
Example circuit:
 1. Standing Shoulder Press x 6
 2. Split Squats x 6 each leg
 3. Bent Over Single Arm DB Row x 6 each arm
Perform the circuit 5 times with 30 seconds rest between circuits
Try substituting other exercises with the same tempo.Benefits: Less weight needed to feel fatigued. Slow tempo develops a great movement pattern for the exercise.  Performing exercises in a circuit will keep the heart rate up.