On any given day at TCBOOST you will see our coaches huddled close to athletes, intently lookingDartdart at an I-pad, and you may wonder what they are doing and how it applies to their athletic development. We use a heavy dose of film analysis and film review with our athletes because it does a fantastic job of allowing us to quickly improve the speed and movement qualities of the athletes we train.  Without the feedback of video analysis, the process of improving mechanics is made much more difficult and lengthy.

If we are working on acceleration, for example, we will film the athlete performing a 10 to 15 yard sprint from the side and front. Then we review the video frame by frame measuring joint angles, body angle to horizon, distance covered with each step, and timing of the different phases of acceleration strides. With this information we can make some immediate changes as we coach an athlete on what they need to most work on to improve (simple cues focusing on one quality at time). In addition, the video analysis provides a roadmap for us to plan out training over time for that athlete.   The athlete’s specific areas of deficiency are addressed by utilizing progressions of speed and movement drills that we have found effective to improve the issues holding that particular athlete back.

As athletes begin to understand what good form looks like and where they need to improve, it also helps them to focus their efforts on the short term mechanics steps that will help lead them to their longer term performance goals, such as a 4.4 second time in the 40yd dash or dunking a basketball or perhaps even a throwing 90 mph fastball.

With thDartfishExpress-Featured-FeaturedImagee development of inexpensive technologies such as Dartfish Express, you can have a powerful coaching tool in your hand and begin to see transformational results with your performance and training. At TCBOOST, we would never be able to get the results we do without the benefit of the “Eye in the sky”.