What is the biggest reason why one athlete will improve themselves more than the next from year to year?   Is it the training plan? No, although the plan is very important, it is not the biggest reason. Intensity? No. Nutrition? No. Supplements? Absolutely not!   The single greatest reason for the athletes that make the most gains in the offseason in strength, speed, power and skill is very simple.   They are CONSISTENT.

Rashard Mendenhall speed training

Consistency means you don’t miss workouts, you train frequently, and you stay committed to the process for the long haul, not jumping from one training plan to another to yet another. It takes time to see changes and each training session is a small step in the long-term process of development, but you have to consistently and frequently take those steps or you will never reach the highest heights.

Your body will not adapt itself to make improvements in speed, power and strength unless the training stimulus you put it under is frequent enough and intense enough to force your physiology to change.   This means a minimum of 2x/week for athletes that are really serious about improving in speed, power and strength. 3x/week is ideal for most high school athletes and at the collegiate and professional level, you are looking at 4-5x/week in order to continue to force your body to adapt and improve to elite levels of performance.

Make sure that you are committed to training consistently in the upcoming year and you will be amazed by the improvements you will see.