Check out these testimonials from our countless success stories of athletes who have had engineered results.

I started TCBOOST  in the fall and I immediately fell in love with the place. Over the past few months, I have seen big results. I have gotten much stronger and have been able to lift more, I have gotten faster and more agile, and it has helped a lot with my performance in baseball. When I started here, I was dead halfway through the workouts. The coaches helped me figure out why I was so tired and it turned out I wasn’t eating right. TCBOOST has helped me better my diet and when I did eat better, I was full of energy for the workouts. The coaches are very knowledgeable about what they do and will always help you be the best you can be. I have grown very close with one of the coaches, Jonathan Rodriguez. He has worked with me since my beginning at Boost and taught me a lot about food and muscles and how to lift. He has helped me better myself as a person and as an athlete. Overall, the atmosphere here is great. They always have music playing, it’s a great facility, and everyone is always encouraging. I would recommend TCBOOST to anyone who is trying to become a better athlete or just getting more fit and healthier in general.”

 Nick S., Athletic Development Program

I can’t thank TCBOOST enough for their help this off-season. I am off to spring training and feel more prepared than anyone in professional baseball.  This is going to be a huge year for me and TCBOOST’s guidance will be a substantial contributor to my success. For that, I am extremely grateful to the TCBOOST team.”

Ben Klimesh, Cincinnati Reds Organization, Pitcher

As a police officer, working out with TCBOOST has kept me physically and mentally sharp for the every day rigors of the job. Each workout pushes my body to physical and mental exhaustion that challenges me to finish the workout. I’ve seen tremendous benefits in working out with the ‘Boost family’ that has also been applied to keeping me safe in my working environment.”
Rico Stringer, Chicagoland Police Officer

Great coaches and community. Willing to go the extra step to make you a better athlete and always focusing on your specific needs. If you have any questions, they are there to answer without hesitation. The equipment is high-tech and way above and beyond most other training facilities. It is such a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to work out in. After all said and done, I am ecstatic I made the decision to work with TCBOOST.”

Chad Sawyer, Former College Lacrosse Player

TCBOOST gets results. Every aspect of the combine testing is broken down to a science. Their techniques provide you with the best opportunity to impress NFL scouts. Its scary how good their NFL Draft prep program is. I didn’t know my full athletic potential until I worked with TCBOOST.
Brian Arnfelt, Pittsburgh Steelers DT

I’ve been working with TCBOOST every offseason since I’ve been in the NFL. They have helped me tremendously with my get off and quickness, something that helps to give me an edge when I’m on the field. Any serious athlete at any level should use TCBOOST to help take their game to the next level!
Corey Wootton, Former Chicago Bears DE

It’s a different world out [in the NFL]. Guys are bigger, faster, stronger and TCBOOST has allowed me to grow, physically mature, and work on my speed so I could compete with the best of the best. That’s what the NFL is all about—you’re playing the best of the best. TCBOOST really allowed me to get up there and be able to play with those guys.
Jeremy Ebert, Jacksonville Jaguars WR

I appreciate all of [TCBOOST’s] hard work and guidance from our combine training (4.45/40 and fastest Pro-Shuttle of all RB’s, 2008 NFL Combine), to now with every NFL Offseason. Because of you guys, I’m more explosive than the 4th boosting my game, with TCBOOST!
Rashard Mendenhall, Arizona Cardinals RB

As a professional athlete, the people that work on my body are literally handling my livelihood. After more than 10 years of working with TCBOOST, they still amaze me with their progressive knowledge and techniques that help them achieve their goal of engineering unmatched results.
Nick Roach, Oakland Raiders MLB

Great knowledge base and position specific drills. – Matt Slauson, Chicago Bears OL

TCBOOST has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people through a balance of motivation, challenging work-outs and genuine concern for the whole person.  They are more than trainers — I consider them role models and mentors for my son.”

Rich Blue, Father of former GBN All-Conference RB Phil Blue

Right amount of work instructed and encouraged by well trained staff. Can’t wait for my next workout!”

Steve G., Adult Fitness

Friendly Staff and challenging activities that are fun and helpful.”

Annabelle B., Athletic Development Program

I have loved working out at TCBOOST, especially because I have seen noticeable results in how strong I am getting.  The staff is also very nice, welcoming and helpful.”

Ben C., Athletic Development Program