The Speed Podcast Ep. 8 – Joel Smith from Just Fly

The best part of doing this podcast is the new things we learn every time we interview someone and the relationships we get to build as a result. This week’s podcast with Joel Smith, from Just Fly Sports, was no exception. Joel dropped a lot, and I mean a lot, of great knowledge on us during the hour we had him. Just a few things we discussed:
– The benefits of neurotyping athletes
– Differences in training bilateral and unilateral athletes
– Why it is so important to actually watch video of elite athletes perform in addition to reading about it
– Great advice for any coach in the industry
– This great quote: “What’s going to get you a job is not your technical knowledge, it is the impression you make and your ability to conduct relationships. That is also what keeps athletes coming back to you after you work with them is the relationship you had with them. It is not how much you knew if you know a ton, but you’re a “jerk” no one cares. It is your relationship (that keeps them coming back).

Thanks for listening and enjoy this week’s episode, we sure did.