The Speed Podcast Ep. 11 – Allie Boudreau

On episode 11 of The Speed Podcast, we are joined by our colleague, Allie Boudreau. This is the perfect listen for anyone who has any questions at all about nutrition. Allie hits on a number of points including:

– Best way to eat based on your body type
– What good fats are and why you should be eating more of them
– Common nutritional mistakes people make
– Benefits of meal prepping
– How great Costco is (She is looking to nail down a sponsorship deal)
– So much more that it would be a really long list so just listen to the podcast

You can check Allie out on Instagram: @alliebou or you can email her at You can also find us on any social media by typing in TCBOOST and can email us at with any podcast ideas, questions, or possible guests.