Lately, I have been on a huge quinoa kick. For those who don’t know, quinoa is a grain like seed that is a healthier option instead of foods such as rice and pasta. This superfood has become a staple of my diet, specifically the quinoa pasta. I love traditional pasta and would eat it everyday, but I also realize it may not be the most healthy of food choices. I went the spaghetti squash route for a while and it was good but it wasn’t close to being a substitute for some good ole fashioned linguine or angel hair pasta. I thought I would have to wallow away in an empty, pasta-less purgatory if I wanted to achieve my health and weight goals.

Enter the nutritious and delicious quinoa pasta. I was expecting another squash experience where it was good, but just wasn’t close to the pasta that I loved. The quinoa pasta was everything I was hoping for and more. Along with being pretty tasty it also is:  quinoa

  1. Packed with protein and incredibly nutritious
  2. Low in calories (1 cup is about 160 calories)
  3. Gluten free (For those who don’t care for gluten)
  4. High in minerals and vitamins (magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, etc.)
  5. Improves metabolic health
  6. High in antioxidants
  7. A Complex Carb that aids in the weight loss
  8. Can be added to many meals/recipes

It may take a little bit longer to cook than regular pasta, but once I cover it in some spicy pasta sauce and chicken it tastes just as good. If you are looking to substitute something in your diet, try some quinoa pasta in the near future.