When thinking about how to get faster people don’t always think about mobility, but it plays a huge part in speed development. Here are a few exercises you can do at home.

1. Hamstring Lowering Exercise

Issue: Tight hamstrings and poor range of motion in active straight leg raise
Equipment: towel, rope, or band
Reps: 8 each leg – Sets: 2-3
Loop rope around mid foot. Lie face up to the ceiling both legs locked up with toes pointing to ceiling.
Raise leg with rope looped up to where knee wants to bend and hold. Opposite leg will actively raise and lower under a controlled tempo. Maintain a flat back with the ground, keep legs  locked out, and keep both toes pointing straight during each rep. Don’t forget to breathe!

2. Side Lying Windmill

Issue: Poor shoulder range of movement, tight upper back and hips
Equipment: Body and foam roller
Reps: 8 each side
Sets: 2-3
Lie down on side and position top leg at 90 degrees with knee on the ground and bottom leg straight. Bottom arm is locked out , palm up, perpendicular to body and top hand is postioned the same with palm down on top of the other hand. Maintiing knee contact with the ground, slowly drag top hand on the floor in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern over your head and to the opposite side of your body. Trace hand path with your eyes as you are dragging. Bring hand back to starting position and repeat.
Try not to let bottom palm or top knee lift off the ground. Exhale deeply through any sticking points.
If the stretch is too intense, above a 7 on intensity scale, place knee on top of a foam roller instead of on the ground.

3. ½ Kneeling Quad and Psoas

Issue: Tight hip flexor an/or quad muscles
Equipment:  Body
Reps: 8 each leg
Sets: 2-3
Assume a ½ kneeling position. Grab ankle of the knee that is down with same side hand. Form a straight line from knee on the ground to shoulders by squeezing glutes. While engaging glutes press hips forward driving knee of the front foot over the toes. Hold 3 sec and then shift body back so that front knee is over the ankle. Maintain hold of ankle..
If the stretch is too intense, above a 7 on intensity scale, try without holding ankle.