We have been working hard to prepare both our programming and facility to make sure we are in-sync with state and local guidelines, but more importantly to make sure you feel safe and empowered while you’re training with us. Below is an outline of the measures we are taking in order to re-open with that in mind.


What is TCBOOST doing to ensure that the indoor training facility is clean, sanitary and safe to re-open?

  • Our entire 10,000 square foot facility is being professionally cleaned, sanitized and fumigated prior to our official reopening to clients.

What protocol will TCBOOST coaches follow to provide the safest possible training environment for clients?

  • All coaches will be equipped with hospital-grade sanitizing spray and a cleaning cloth to wipe down all equipment immediately after use by each client.
  • All coaches will wear face masks at all times while coaching in-facility, and at all times outdoors when they are unable to maintain proper social distancing from a client.
  • All coaches will keep 6ft (social distancing) between themselves and their clients whenever possible throughout training sessions.
  • Any coach that experiences potential symptoms (coughing, aching, chills, fever, etc.)  will NOT come into the facility.

What about the other staff members in-facility who are not actively conducting 1-on-1 personal training sessions?

  • We are hiring a new, dedicated facility sanitization lead with the sole responsibility to sanitize and wipe down all equipment and high-touch surfaces throughout the day.
  • At the end of each day, all staff members will collectively sanitize and wipe down all equipment and other high-touch surfaces before exiting the facility.

How are you keeping the facility’s equipment safe and sanitary for clients?

  • We are removing all non-essential equipment from the facility in order to minimize high-touch surfaces and keep our training space as safe as possible.
  • Each client will be assigned their own dedicated set of equipment per session, and therefore not share, or touch, any other equipment. 
  • Once each client is done with a piece of equipment for their session, that client’s coach will carefully sanitize, wipe down and put it away.

Are there any other advantages that TCBOOST’s facility has in terms of providing a safe training environment?

  • At 10,000 square feet with 18 foot ceilings, our facility will provide clients with significant personal space and social distancing while training, as well as continuous fresh air circulation throughout the day.
  • Whenever possible, we will have the facility’s four large garage doors and five additional doors open to create maximum air exchange and fresh air flow.
  • When conditions are too hot or humid to safely keep these doors open, we have five rooftop HVAC units that dehumidify the air, create cooler temperatures and ensure continuous air circulation.


What programs will be offered when TCBOOST re-opens?

If I come to the facility without having signed up for a program, can I train as a drop-in?

  • No, all clients must sign up ahead of time online, by emailing tcboost@tcboost.com or by calling 847-559-2307 to ensure there is room for you in the program and in order for us to maintain no more than 10 people in the facility at one time. 
  • For outdoor group training programs, there will be a strict “no-more-than-9” policy.

How is TCBOOST incorporating safety measures into programming?

  • Our in-facility personal training will be 1-on-1 sessions (or 1-on-2 with members of the same household). There will never be more than four concurrent sessions to ensure that no more than 10 people are in the facility at one time.
  • We have created 15 minute cleaning periods between all group training sessions to mitigate overlap and allow time for our staff to clean ALL equipment from the previous session.

In what ways is TCBOOST prioritizing social distancing throughout all programming?

  • We reinvented our workout programs with social distancing as the highest priority, alongside our consistent dedication to injury prevention and performance enhancement.
  • Clearly-marked individual training zones within our facility will allow our coaches to guide clients through training sessions while keeping a safe distance from other personnel.
  • Our outdoor group programs will be capped at 9 participants, and will be socially-distanced whenever possible.


As a client, what are the new policies that I need to adhere to at all times while training?

  • Our coaches and staff will not come in if they are feeling sick or have symptoms, and we ask the same of you. If you, a member of your household or someone you’ve had close contact with has symptoms, please let us know and DO NOT come to your personal training or group program.
  • If you feel sick during the workout, immediately pull yourself away from the group or any others nearby and let the coach know.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the facility or arriving at the training field.
  • Parents are asked to remain in their cars for drop off and pickup. We will be closing our parent observation lounge for the time being.   
  • Be diligent about maintaining social distancing at all times during the session and upon entering and leaving the facility.

Am I required to bring any PPE (personal protective equipment) or other equipment to train?

  • You must bring your own face mask to the workout, and wear it as you arrive either in-facility or at the training field. You must also wear it at all times while in the TCBOOST facility weight room.  
  • You must bring your own sweat towel and water bottle with enough water to be sufficient for your workout. In order to decrease the risk of transmission, we will not be providing water fountain or water cooler service in-facility.
  • Bring your own personal hand-sanitizer dispenser. We will have hand sanitizer throughout facility, as well and at the field, but in order to better segregate groups, we are asking clients to bring their own.

What happens if a TCBOOST client or employee tests positive for COVID-19?

  • If a TCBOOST coach, staff member or client who has been training in-facility or outdoors with us within the past (14) days tests positive for COVID-19: 
    • We will close the facility to deep clean and allow all surfaces/equipment to be sanitized and fumigated. We will reopen as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.
    • We will notify everyone who has come into contact with that coach or client over the previous 14 days since the positive test.
    • The TCBOOST coach, staff member or client who tested positive will not be able to return until they are medically cleared to do so.