TCBOOST’s youth speed & agility training program for young athletes, ages 8-11, is based on supporting and preparing young athletes for their future by helping to develop excellent speed, agility and jumping mechanics. Learning these foundational movement skills will not only improve performance potentials, but it will also help to reduce injury now and in the future. There is no wrong time to start training, so why not start now?

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In case of dangerous weather, you will receive a text from your coach at least an hour prior to class time letting you know that class is cancelled. We will run a live Zoom class at the time your class is scheduled, and you will also have the opportunity to make up the session prior to 12/31/20. To schedule a make up, please call Vicky Junge at 847-559-2307.

Session 1 Schedule – Call 847-559-2307 to sign up for remainder of classes at a pro-rated fee.

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singlequoteFriendly staff and challenging activities that are fun and helpful.

Annabelle B., Athletic Development Program

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