Nowhere is the importance of speed more obvious than in all of the hype surrounding the NFL Scouting Combine. Perhaps the most talked about event is the 40-yard dash. All other tests are important, but no single test can elevate your draft status faster than posting a fantastic 40-yard time. We achieve industry-leading results on every test and most importantly, our average improvement in 40-times over the last 3 years of our NFL Combine Training Prep program was 0.29 seconds faster!

2021 TCBOOST NFL Combine Prep Brochure 

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Athletes who have taken part in the NFL Combine Prep program:

Rashard Mendenhall: RB (1st Rd, Steelers)       – Brandon Carr: CB (5th Rd, Chiefs)

Justin Tuck: DE (3rd Rd, Giants)                         – Nick Roach: LB (PFA, Chargers)

Corey Wootton: DE (4th Rd, Bears)                     – Sam Baker: OL (1st Rd, Falcons)

– Mike Kafka: QB (4th Rd, Eagles)                          – Sherrick McMannis: CB (5th Rd, Texans)

singlequoteTCBOOST gets results. Every aspect of the combine testing is broken down to a science. Their techniques provide you with the best opportunity to impress NFL scouts. It’s scary how good their NFL Draft prep program is.
Brian Arnfelt, Former Northwestern DT