By: Steve Breitenstein

With the New Year comes resolutions about dieting, working out, and changing bad habits. Here’s how BOOSTFit will help.

1.Pre Planned Workouts – You never have to get to the gym and figure out, “What am I going to do today?” TCBOOST coaches have the workout ready with versions of exercises for all fitness levels.


2.Coach Supervision – Whether you’re new or experienced, it helps to have a coach assisting with technique to insure proper form. Instagram videos show amazing physical achievements, but beware: they don’t always show the injuries that could go along with those exercises. It is best to utilize a coach to keep your body from breaking down.

3.Accountability and Family Atmosphere – Everyone learns everyone’s name and if you miss a couple workouts expect a text message or call. It’s fun to support each other and become a part of a community.

4.Challenges and Goal Setting – BOOSTFit hosts Body Challenges periodically which allow a set window of time to make nutrition, recovery and training a priority in your life. Body Challenges also include body assessments to track results. Tell the coach your goal, such as to do a pull-up or run a 5k, and let’s put a plan in place!


5.Changes the Monotony of “Working Out” – STOP spinning your wheels for hours on the treadmill followed by the same 3 weight exercises you have done for years. BOOSTFit workouts are periodized and provide variance to keep the mind fresh and engaged. Each workout features mobility and flexibility, a dynamic warm-up, total body strength training and metabolic conditioning employing scaled techniques used to improve athletes of all levels.