by Allie Boudreau

Remember when Mom pestered us to eat all of our broccoli before leaving the dinner table? Well,
turns out Mom was right….but only partially right. You really should be eating broccoli sprouts! These power packed greens have incredibly high levels of nutrients and enzymes, which give the body energy to detox and strengthen the immune system.

Broccoli sprouts contain vitamin A, C, and K. The best and most fantastic nutrient in sprouts is sulforaphane. This potent compound is famously known for its anti-cancer properties. Several peer-reviewed studies identify that sulforaphane can prevent and repair cell damage. In addition to anti-cancer properties, broccoli sprouts have been shown to improve cognition, protect the heart, mobilize fat in the liver, and assist in weight loss. The term “super food” has definitely grown in the past couple years, and there’s no doubt these sprouts are one of them.

Where do I buy these magical sprouts? Broccoli sprouts have become more common in stores. I have found them in Whole Foods and other small, local markets. Sprouts are also very easy to grow on your kitchen counter. Look for a growing kit and give it a shot!

Give your body the best shot to be successful. Feed it broccoli sprouts and reap the benefits of sulforaphane.